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 In this web site you will find all the travel information regarding the Prefectures of Ioannina: Sights, monuments, activities, climate, business, camping, restaurants, taverns and more. You will be able to find and reserve hotels, rooms apartments and more.
The Prefecture of Ioannina is the biggest prefecture in Epirus. The historical city of Ioannina, which is also called ‘the city of legends and traditions’, is its main city. It has about 350 settlements and it is mainly mountainous. Some of the highest mountains in Greece are located in the Prefecture of Ioannina. Parts of the National Parks of Pindos are within the confines of the prefecture. The lowlands of the Prefecture are located mainly in the basin around the city of Ioannina.

Ioannina ,Epirus
Historical background:
The region of Ioannina is inhabited since the Palaeolithic era, as finds in the cave of Kastritsa near Ioannina certify (40.000 BC). In 2.000 BC the Pelasgi, who are considered to be the ancestors of the Greek tribes, come to the region. The tribe of Molossi dominated the region of Ioannina and developed an important civilisation. King Pyrros, whose state covered almost every part of continental Greece, was a renowned king of Molossi.
The Romans come next, who destroy and loot the region, even whole cities. A large number of the inhabitants were then transferred to the newly built city of the Romans, Nikopolis. Later, at the years of the Byzantine empire and especially after the year 1204 at the time of the Despotate of Epirus, the region flourishes.
In 1430 Sinan Pasha takes over Ioannina. In the following 500 years, the years of the Turkish occupation, Ioannina developed rapidly in the financial - trade and the cultural field. The city reached its peak on Ali Pasha whose territory included almost all continental Greece. After the liberation from the Turks, at the period between the two world wars, the region developed rapidly.
In World War II the northern part of Epirus became a battlefield. In 1945 the war was over and the region was liberated. The following years many of the villages were desolated due to the emigration of the inhabitants aboard or to big cities in Greece. The phenomenon reached its peak in 1970, when the development in tourism brought back many of the inhabitants and gave live to the abandoned villages again.
Greece,welcome to Epirus Ioannina

Today, regions such as Zagori, Metsovo, Konitsa, Tzoumerka etc. are some of the best destinations in Greece. There are many hotels and rooms for rent all over the Prefecture, where one can stay. There are also many taverns and restaurants where you can taste the traditional cuisine of Epirus.
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