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    Northern Evia today constitutes one of the henceforth interesting regions of Greece, accessible by very aspect for all the Greeks. The ferries Aidipsos-Arkitsas (access in the 150 kilometre of the National Road of Athens-Thessalonica) and Agiokampou-Glifas (access in the 280 kilometres of National Road Athens-Thessalonica), render the Northern Evia as a very near destination, not only for those who emanate from the Greek south, but also for those who emanate from the north The itineraries of car-ferries, particular in the summer months, are very regular and facilitate the crowd the Greek and foreigner visitors of the region. In 2004 was inaugurated also the third ferry in Northern Evia, connecting the beach of Lichadas with Agios Konstantinos that is opposite.

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    For those, that emanating mainly from Athens and Southern Greece and prefer to reach roadly in northern. Evia, after they pass one of the two bridges of Euripos, they would rather follow the graphic way Chalcis-Mantoudiou-lake-Edipsos-Isteas (120 kilometres). The road networks in northern. Evia serves in general lines the visitor that wishes to know all the secrets of region. It should be pointed out that between the advantages of northern Evia is also its neighbouring with the magic islands of Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos). Their connection with the harbours of northern Evia (Pefki,

evia island

Orei, Edipso) is enough tactics mainly during the aestival period. Evia is second in size, after Crete. It is found near the Eastern coasts of Central Greece from which it is separated by the Eubean sea that in its narrower point in Evripo has width hardly 40 meters. Its total extent is 3.658 t. kilometers concluding Skyros and certain other small islands, constitutes separate prefecture of country. The capital is the Chalkida, which assembles roughly 50.000 residents from the total of 210.000 general population of island. The coasts of Evia have 677 kilometers length and present variety shaping with many gulfs in the westerners, while in Eastern it become more abrupt with a lot of capes.
    The agricultural production of island includes cereals, vegetables, figs, grapes, wines, olives and oil. At the same time exists veterinary surgeon, piscatorial and forestall production. The subsoil contributes in the economy of island, as there exists important mining wealth in lignite, marbles and ferrous minerals. Very measurable is also the tourist growth of Evia that thanks to its natural beauty, the long-lasting fame and its infrastructure, is found in high level.

evia island
    There are a lot of sights that you can visit. Chalkida is the capital of island, famous for the bridge that links it with south Greece, but also for the tidal movement of waters of strait of Euripos with time where it is reversed each six hours. Interest in Chalkida has the Archaeological Museum with important exhibits (statues, bas-reliefs, vessels etc. Also, you can visit the Municipal Art gallery as well as the eminent Byzantine church of Saint Friday of (5th century). Chalkida generally speaking presents effervescent movement by aspect of activities industrial, commercial, cultural, but also equally big tourist movement by aspect of holidaymakers that is channelled to all the resorts of island. 

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