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Epidavros: We are standing on the eastern side of Argolida, on a city by the coast, builted on the foothills of mountain Arahneo, Korifeo and Tithio where according to the myth Asklipios (the protector of doctors) was born. Son of a godess and a doctor was adored by the people. A snake is his sacred symbol. 400 temples across Greece were dedicated to him.

Asklipios (to whom even nowadays, doctors take their serving oaths on his name) was the greatest god-doctor in ancient times. In Epidavros, in a magestic place that very strongly has the essence of sacredness and magic, full of green trees and view to the Epidavros bay, Asklipieo was built, a place where people seeked cure to their diseases, mental and phy-sical, always with the help of their god. Asklipieo is a complex of buildings. In the temple (which is built in Doric order)  we find the chryselephantine statue of Asklipios. Tholos is a shiny round building made of marble. According to the ri- tual, every patient after offering sacrifice to the god he/ she entered the forbitten area, the Avaton (which was an under- ground labyrinth the patient had to reach its center) and had to sleep on animalskins that he/she offered until the god  appeared in his/her dreams and cured him/her.The complex of Asklipieo had many guest houses, gymnasium, stadium the famous for its acoustic ancient theatre, chambers for the clergymen and temples dedicated to Artemis and Apollo.
The architecture Polykletos from Argos builted on a gorge in 340BC the Epidavros theatre, first builted for the entertainment of patients. It has seating capacity of 13000 people and is divided in two string courses. The amazing fact with this theatre which makes it unique in the whole world is that the acoustic is a wonder and still remains a mystery. You can light a match in the orchestra and the last seats on the top will hear it. It’s the most important and the best pre- served theatre of all that have been found and for the last fifty years the munucipality of Epidavros organises every summer a Theatre Festival. You will find the exhibits excavated in the Asklipieo Archeological Museum next to the theatre. The north side of the beach ends to the sank city and very close to it you will find the small Epidavros theatre, builted during the latest years and serves the purposes of the Festival. The south side of the beach is rocky and can only be reached by boats and small vessels. If you have the chance, do it, the waters are wonderful. The stretegic point Epi-davros stands (on the hils and staring at the sea)  conduced to unprecedented development of the city. First inhabited during the prehistorical ages, Epidavros was an ally to Sparti. Two National Congresses took place in the theatre, at the times the nation was re-established after the Ottomanic dominance. The first in December of 1821 and the second in March of 1826. The New Epidavros is only 8Klm away and there you can find places to stay, eat and swim.

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