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The beach of Eftalou is situated on the north part of the island, 4km. away from Molyvos. The small bays are covered in trees and the organized pebbled beach attracts numerous visitors from all over the world, each year. There are many hotels, cafeterias and tavernas to choose from.

Eftalou Lesvos
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Beach north of Lesvos, distinguished for its natural beauty. It is located 4 km from Molivos and Petra. Feature is the small creeks that are surrounded by dense vegetation and create landscapes of infinite beauty. Apart from these small beaches that give the visitor the feeling of a private beach, there is a large pebble beach, with excellent organization that attracts many visitors.
Under Eftalou will see the home of the famous novelist Elias Venezi the grave of poet Argyris Eftalioti.
Close Eftalou stand the hot springs where the water is indicated for the treatment of rheumatism, gynecological, dermatological and other diseases. The area in recent years tourist development. Already a lot of hotels, restaurants and cafes.

In Eftalou, people can visit one of the island’s famous thermal springs.


Healing Springs of Lesvos: Eftalou
At Molyvos are the Eftalou springs with their newly renovated bath house with individual private tubs or communal bathing. Recommended for rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, skin diseases,  kidney and gall gravel and gynecological complaints. You can swim in the sea or sit along the shore where the hot mineral water seeps through the rocks and mixes with the sea water in warm pools. Because of the beautiful beach and surroundings this is my favorite of the spas. It is a short walk to the excellent Eftalou restaurant. There is a paved path to the bath house and the beach below it. The old bath house is sometimes locked, probably to get people to go to the new bath house which you have to pay for. The new baths are tubs with faucets that ypou can control the temperature. The old bath house which is often locked is an anciuent tub that looks like a small swimming pool and is so hot that if you can keep your little toe in the water for more than thirty seconds thats pretty good. Old baths are open from 6am to 8am and 6pm to 10pm. New baths from 9am till 6pm. If you get here and want to take a free bath here's what you do. Go through the bath building and out the back to the small rocky beach. Right where the sea meets the old bath-house you can touch the water and see where the hot spring water is coming out. By stacking some stones and using the pebbles you can dig out your own bathtub and by letting the seawater mix with the hot spring water you probably can't find a healthier spa on the island. There is an outdoor shower nearby too. If you continue walking around the bend there is another long beach.
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