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Apart from the ancient theatre and the oracle in the region of Dodoni, that is also two of the most famous buildings, many are the buildings and the monuments that were built in holy space. Most are saved up to today, not completely restored of course because many times per their centuries were suffered serious destructions. Except from that, they are worth visiting!

The Holily Residence
It is a building of dimensions 20.80 to 19.20 metres. It waxs first built in the beginning of 4th before christ century, but it at least presents four building phases. Ancientest form of holy is not in detail acquaintance. We only know that initially it was an outside building with circle cupreous boilers in three legs round the holy oak. They followed extensions and corrective interventions at 4th, 3rd and 2nd before christ century.
The Chamber of deputy
Basic element of ancient city at the historical years it was the Chamber of deputies, space of concentration of one representative body of citizens that decided for the publics. It is a rectangle building near in the building of the best man. It is constituted by room dimensions 43.60 to 32.35 metres   and Dorian gallery in the facade. It was built in his dues of 4th or in the beginning of 3rd before Christ century. It was getting on fire from the Aitolous in the 219 before Christ and it is rebuilt after that. The 167 before Christ it was destroyed by the Romans, but it was repaired on August and functioned until the dues of the 1st before Christ century. Statues covered the southern side, room of meetings while in the north side they find six columns of Ionianrhythm. There are saved the foundations, internal columns, an altar and a base of statue.
The Stage
It is one of the few ancient stages with stoned seats 21 or 22 lines and it is not completely founded. It is modern with second building phase of theatre and we can say that is built in the dues of 3rd before Christ century.
The Citadel
It is found in the top of the hill and is surrounded from polygonal wall perimeter of roughly 750 metres. wall of the 4th before Christ century and it is strengthened with vertical towers. There are distinguished three gates. In the interior his walls are distinguished foundations of buildings and undergrounds reservoir of water that is built in rock.
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