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Diros: Diros belongs to the municipality of Gythio and we find it by the coast of the Messenean Gulf, exactly north to Areopolis, on the peninsula that mount Taygetus forms, south from mountain Sagias. Pyrgos of Diros is the main vil- lage and is connected to the villages of Karvelas, Maratheas and Petrovounio by community roads. Its habitants are into the olive-oil production, farming and agriculture. The most ravishing site in Diros are the caves. Glyfada, Alepo- trypa (which means fox’s nest) and Katafygi. Glyfada is placed on the top of cove Diros and is covered in a big part by the river Glifada and falls into the Messenean Gulf from a hole barely 1m in diametre, half a metre from the sur-    face of the sea. The entrance and the exit have been tecnically opened, a few metres away from the natural entrance.

The caves Diros

The temperature in the cave goes between 16oC to 20oC. Up to today hallways of at least 5000m have been explored in which we find stalactites of red colour, painted by nature because of the quantity of iron oxide existing. Stalactites and flowstones appear in various colours and sometimes bring to mind shapes of animals, plants or objects, taking names after them. Animal fossils  2 million years old have been found in this cave. Glyfada belongs to the river caves category and along with Zaita in Libya and Pantirac in France is considered one of the three top in beauty in this cate- gory. Alepotrypa is 200m away from Glyfada and was discovered in 1958. Very important discoveries of anthropo- logical interest were brought to light by archeoogists. Up to now only a part of the cave has been explored (900m),  while the rest 6.500m2 – only 600 of which is land – is covered by an underground river. Katafyfi is situated on the left side of the road which leads to the other two caves and during Greece was under the posession of Ottomans, Katafygi was used as a fort. For further information look up Selinitsa.
The caves diros

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