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: On the mountainous section of Arkadia, 60klm away from Tripoli, at an altitude of 1000m stands this town in the middle of an outstanding mountainous location. As it is amphitheatrically built, one can view the Me-galopolis lowland and the mountain Taygetus extending around. The territory was inhabited since the ancient ages, 10th century BC. In the location called Platsa, stood the ancient city Tefthis. Remainings of walls and houses are saved and findings are exhibited in the town museum named Library. The Library was founded in 1764 by two monks and has its own history, as during the Ottomanic domination it was one of the four libraries that existed in Greece and preserved the Greek culture. The building is the same that houses the Dimitsana Academy and many church men graduated here. A big part of the books the library kept were destroyed to built cartouches during the Revolution in 1821. 700 books are saved from those ages, while the library has 15000 books today. Among them manuscripts, codes and books from the 16th century. As it is the town museum, you will find here a folklore se-ction, Papaflessa’s saddle and the larnax which keeps the bones of Paleon Patron Germanos( both leading men of the Revolution. Paleon Ptron Germanos was born here). As the town is a living monument of history, it is conside-red a preserved community. The stone-builted houses, the churches, the stone builted streets and the architecture of the village enchant every traveller. Very important factor to the development of this town is the fact that it was builted over the river Lucious and the forge created by it. The river has been known since the ancient years. It has two sources in the mountains Lagadia in the territory called ancient Thesoa by the village Karkalu and a bit northern, at the village Kaloneri. The river finally disemborgues in the Alfeos river after passing through 26klm of verdulous areas, watering a variety of flora. According to Pausanias this is one of the coldest rivers in Greece, while nowadays the gorga has been declared by the state an archeological space and a protected biotope. The brunt of the river has been that strong that the inhabitants very early thought of taking advantage of it. They builted flour-mills, water- mills, tan-yards, gunpowder- mills and other sort of faciities that run in traditional mechanisms and helped the territory in the cultural and financial development. Dimitsana is particularly known of the produ-ction of gunpowder during the Ottomanic domination. The town was the main gunpowder ware-house of the movement and the inhabitants were assigned to be only occupied with the production and not fight in the battles. The town also had been a sanctuary for the fighters of the Revolution. The numerous Monasteries around, the ri-ver Lucious and the gorge were all used by the fighters for their sacred cause. Builted on a rock on the west of the town the Philosophu Monastery is standing. Founded in 963 AC, is parted by two buildings, the older Monastery and the modern (founded in 1691). The Monastery sheltered th Hidden School (during the Ottomanic domination and under the banning of schools by the Ottoman lords, the Greeks founded Hidden schools for the people so as not to forget their origin) and during the second half of the 17th century the Dimitsana Academy was founded. The Monastery had been the center of the cultural part of the Revolution. In 1764 the Academy was transferred to Di-mitsana. 4klm away you will find the Panagia Emialon Monastery, also builted on a rock seeming to be lingering. It was builted in 1600 in the remainings of a Byzantine monastery. This monastery sheltered Theodoros Koloko-tronis’ brother when he was betrayed by a monk. The few Greeks who found shelter here were beleagurmented by a big number of Ottomanic troops.When the Ottomans setted fire in the monastery the fighters decided to sortie and were all slaughtered. On the other side of the gorge, almost across the Philosophu Monastery, you will find the Timiu Prodromu Monastery builted in about the 12th century AC. This monastery was the refuge of Theodoros Kolokotronis and a hospital for the injured during the Revolution. Many monks of the monastery took active part in the battles with the Ottomans, the monastery also contributed in money for the war and was used as weapon wa-re- house. Walking through the gorge you will reach the archeological space of ancient Gortynia. The temple of Asklipios was found here. This was an important Arkadic city which according to mythology was builted by Gor-tis. The city had two lines of fortification, buildings, temples and the most important, spa facilities for the treat-ment of the sick people which was combined with the adoration of Asklipios. The remainings are dated from the Geometrical ages to the Byzantine era. Excavations indicated that the city was destroyed during the 2nd century AC and acmed during the 4th century BC. Visit the six gunpowder- mills round the town and the outdoor Water-movement Museum which is the only one in the Balkans and can be found 1klm away from Dimitsana on the west slope of the Lucious gorge at the location called Ai- Yiannis. The museum exhibits all the mechanisms and the fa-cilities the inhabitants used for the various productions. Dimitsana is a destination full of history thst will intrigue your interest in an outstanding landscape that will rest your soul. You will find hosting facilities for your comfor-table accommodation.
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