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Greek islands lying in the Aegean Sea to the southeast of Athens; a circle of islands; a circle of a great civilization whose had begun, when the Ancient Cycladic peoples created the first stone weapons, when the first marble idol was made, when the Cycladic people travelled from island to island with their aboriginal boats.



There are thirty-four islands and an infinity of tiny rocky islets, odds and ends of geological upheavals in millennia gone by, pieces of a rocky area in the middle of the Aegean. It was here, at the centre of the circle, in Delos, that Leto took shelter, pursued by a jealous Hera, to give birth to Zeus’s offspring, Artemis and Apollo.

As a result Delos became the first sacred island, dedicated to the worship of Apollo, an important religious centre, and the headquarters of the common Treasury of the Greeks. The citizens of Delos never took part in the wars of the neighbouring islands, which for many years respected the neutrality of Delos and its sacred character. And they filled it with works of art in order to show their respect.

All over it, each island constituted a separate state and wrote its own history. Milos became famous for its hard black stone, the obsidian. Paros had its translucent marble, and in Amorgos, its inhabitants crafted the marvellous Cycladic weapons.

These small islands met the birth and death of whole civilizations. On Santorini, the first inhabitants built cities that sank beneath the sea with the great eruption of its volcano and that changed the face of the Aegean . On the other hand on Kea the elders killed themselves during a blockade so that the youngest would have more food.

The years rolled by. On Milos, the island of Aphrodite, pirates stole out to sell their spoils and Khaireddin Barbarosa sacked Kea with the other islands. In spite of this, the spirit of the Cyclades, their magical atmosphere, their unique art still continued from age to age, from generation to generation.

After thousands years of history, the Cyclades is more beautiful than ever, surrounded by the deep blue Aegean Sea, with their shady archways and their graphical white houses, built in circles around the main square.

What is it that made those native islanders such great architects, such smart town planners? Perhaps they were inspired by their extraordinary surroundings, the rocks and the sea, or perhaps the spirit of Apollo had blessed them.

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