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Welcome to Crete

This is where everything starts and ends.

If you come to Crete and visit only the famous palaces of Knossos and Phaistos, or the rooms of the Archaeological Museum at Heraklion, you don’t have the right image of Crete. Crete is not only tradition and history; it is mostly nature, light, cheerful people, and a lively place, which you can see inside the labyrinth of myth and History. Crete is not just a sight it is something vital.

Crete -Greece

Here, Zeus changed into a white bull and took the lovely Europa, fathering the Minotaur, and giving her name to the continent.

In Crete, you don’t find only mountains, great and proud like its people, you also can visit the only European’s palm groove at Vai and its unique gully, the Samaria.

Crete is the birthplace of one of the greatest painters the world has ever known, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (El Greco), who in the 16th century spoke to our hearts in the living language of art, which is common to all people. It was also the birthplace of Kornaros, Kazantzakis, Prevelakis and many other thinkers.



The Cretan countryside with its wonderful different coastline along with its rich interior constitutes an enormous resource for tourism today, not just in its enormity, but also mostly for its quality.

Crete lies in the middle of the sea and it joins different continents and civilizations.

There is a warm invitation to the visitor; once you have experienced Cretan hospitality, you will swear that the Cretans are the true descendants of Xenias Zeus, for whom every visitor was a special guest.


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