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The ancient Greek myths depicted the gods as majestic, blessed with incomparable beauty and enormous physical strength. Ancient Greek people also believed that their gods had all the human traits and weaknesses. The gods hunted, fought, loved, and were jealous. They liked to involved in simple humans life and created a lot of troubles.

The twelve gods of Olympos, the satyrs, the nymphs, the centaurs, and all the other strange and unusual creatures, along with and the ancient Greeks, had put their hand in the writing of the story of Greek mythology, which still continues to fascinate us.

In fact, the natural surroundings played its part: the endless chains of lush mountains, the amazing climate, and the ever-present sea. Perhaps the place that was best gifted for these divine festivities was Central Greece. In its rivers, lakes, and every corner of its lovely mountains, the gods have left traces of their passing.

Parnassos was the home of Apollo and the nymphs, and it was there that Pan had his cave. Kithairon was where Orpheus played his lyre and the maenads held their orgies in worship of Dionysus, while peaceful Helicon was the secret place of the Muses

Central Greece was and is the favourite place of the gods and nature. The Acheloos, the son of Oceanos and Gaia and father of the Sirens, still flows peacefully among the mountains and forests.

On Pelion, the wonderful and beautiful mountain where the Centaurs, half men-half horse, galloped after the nymphs, twenty-four villages were built over the centuries, their delightful architecture enhanced by the sea on one side, the woods on the other.

Life all over Greece bears the imprimatur of these myths. It lies somewhere between memories of the past and the present, between legend and reality, in the time of the demigods and in the world of today.

While at majestic Meteora, monks and hermits live according to the Christian religion traditions in monasteries hidden on steep mountains tops.

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