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Attica And The Islands Of The Saronic Gulf
Athens, the city of Athena. The centre of the ancient world, the land of eminent philosophers, the greatest writers, the best sculptors humanity has ever known. It was truly a golden age. The Athenians used their artistic masterpieces for their everyday needs, they gathered to the theatre to see the latest tragedy of Euripides or Sophocles. They climbed up to the Acropolis, the holly hill, to be alone with their Olympians gods.
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Athens was, the prize in a divine contest between Poseidon, the god of the sea and Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Both of them wanted Athens for their own. They descended from Olympus to vie for the city in order to make it the most beautiful and famous in the world. The goddess Athena won and gave her name to the city and also blessed it with her sacred tree, the olive tree. 

At some point, the golden age ended, as does every age in the history of mankind, but everything had been created then has remained with us. Neither war, nor time has been able to destroy the beauty of the Acropolis. The ancient, immortal spirit lives on in Athens. It is always with us, in the streets, in the spring mornings, in evenings at the Theatre of Herodes Atticus. It is with us when we are born and when we die, when we love and when we cry, when we say “good morning”, and when we look at the moon. For the gods have never left Athens.

You can meet them everywhere, at the cape of Sounio, among the proud columns of Poseidon temple, or even on Aegina – a Saronic Gulf island – facing the temple of Aphaia Athena. It is said that these two temples form, together with Acropolis a equilateral triangle. 

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