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Athens  guide a detailed guide of Athens the capital of Greece,includes Parthenon ,Acropolis,herodion of Athens , museums theaters and in Athens,Athens accommodation, Hotels in Athens, transfers, the  Athens Metro entertainment and night life ,  Greek food Greek music and,Athens taxi and buses 
services ,Greece Athens travel information tickets schedule ferries to the Greek islands, ferry boats from the port of Piraeus or Rafina, flights to Athens Greece Check our Athens  travel guide and Attica find a hotel do your shopping visit a Greek art shop learn about  the cultural events in Athens find Restaurants in Athens ,Plaka Kifissia,kolonaki,  Glyfada  and Piraeus ,find information about Hotels in Athens and Attica ,get to know Sounion  and the islands of the Saronic gulf ,Aegina Salamis Poros Hydra Spetses ,
 information about museums maps of Athens, accommodation in Athens Hotels ,Athens shops restaurants in Athens and our Athens picture collection. Athens hosted successfully the Olympic games 2004 The city of Athens was Great during the Olympics and it looks great today.An updated guide of Athens the capital of Greece was the intension for this particular page. Therefore we hope that the information you will find here will make your stay in Athens an unforgettable experience. Athens is a great town of 5.000.000 people with its modern boulevards and high ways as well as with its smaller suburban streets its new Athens metro one of the best in the world its new Athens airport (Eleftherios Venizelos) the newest and one of the modern in Europe ,and finally its new stadiums ready to host the first Olympic games of the new millennium in the country of there origin the country of the Sun and the blue sky Greece. The world knows Athens Greece mainly from its History its monuments Acropolis and the Parthenon its Philosophers like Socrates and Plato its great leaders like Pericles its dramaturgists like Sophocles ,Aeschylus and Aristophanes and its great sculptures like Phidias and Praksiteles ,but of all the world knows Athens for its greatest gift that gave to humanity the Democracy and the freedom of thought and expression. Athens has its own style and beauty Athens has a lot of contrasts, being always a crossroad between the east and the west has this unique atmosphere that no other European town has . Brand new modern skyscrapers next to neoclassic mansions, department stores and fancy boutiques next to Byzantine churches and ancient monuments. Athens today its a town which will satisfy the demanding visitor.  Athens is noteworthy for its fine archaeological collections, especially those contained in the National Archeological Museum and the Acropolis Museum. The town's important cultural remains, however, are its numerous architectural monuments, dating from ancient times and later periods. Fore among these is the Acropolis, the ancient fortified hill on which stand the rechtheum, Parthenon, and Propylaea, all of the 5th century BC. To the south of the Acropolis are the Theater of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and to the west, the Areopagus (council chamber) in which St. Paul spoke. The agora is partially excavated. The stoa, or colonnaded walk, of Attalos, which is ocated there, has been reconstructed and now holds a sizable collection of Greek antiquities all connected with the Athenian Democracy. The town of Athens also contains a number of fine Orthodox churches of the Byzantine period. ,then you will be more relaxed because the  half of the Athenians are on holidays . The ones that travel to Athens in the summer season and want to take a brake at the sea we recommend the beaches of Athens. In the southern suburbs of Athens, along the Saronic Gulf (from the P. Faliro area to Vouliagmeni), and other area of Attica, are dozens of organized and other beaches, with clean waters and easy access. Several Attica beaches have been awarded "Blue Flags of Europe", granted every year to beaches and marines meeting strict criteria regarding clean waters and beaches, good organization and security and the protection of the coastal environment. For the ones that want to go around by car ,in the Athens area are many reliable car rental companies, most of them located at Syngrou Avenue. In our Athens guide you will find information about all the essentials a visitor  needs to know.. We hope that our guide will be useful in supplying you with all  the information you need. welcome Athens the capital of Greece.

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