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Athens is the city of the Gods, the city of democracy. Athens has been loved all over the world and her beauty has been singed from all the people…..
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Athens Greece,View Parthenon Acropolis

Athens is a big town, there is a lot of traffic and, yes, a lot of times there is smog over Athens.... BUT... once you get to know the true Athens with its ancient history, its friendly people and its unique atmosphere, you will find yourself in heaven. Athens repays a closer acquaintance. In addition to the celebrated classical sites, the city boasts Byzantine, medieval and 19th-century monuments as well as one of the best museums in the world and areas of surprising natural beauty. Despite the traffic, an appealing village-like quality becomes evident in the cafes, tavernas, markets and the maze of streets around Plaka. Moreover, Athens has the finest restaurants and the most varied nightlife in the country and remains a major European centre of culture. Major projects include the new, now fully functioning, Eleftherios Venizelos international airport, the extension of the Athens metro system, the building of new sports venues and the upgrading of hotel accommodation. In addition, ancient sites within the city centre are being linked by a traffic-free archaeological promenade intended

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to enhance the urban environment for locals and visitors alike.Athens new Tram system is modern and clean but due to city car traffic, extremely slow. Athens Tram runs from Syntagma Sq. to the sea shore and would make a good inexpensive two dollar tour of the Glyfada easide and journey hence. Glyfada's popular Center or Platea is worth a peek too and has lots of stores and restaurants. Unfortunately there are too many stops on the tram line and no express service. Count on anywhere from 1 to 3 hours on a heavy traffic day start to finish. The tram is also useful to visit Athens many public and pay beaches which are warm enough: May - September. See the culture menu above for more info. Other Olympic inspired bequests include several all encompassing ring roads with (no surprise) misleading signs too! There is one such road serving the airport which will take you to Piraeus or the Center but after a frustrating castor oil and bollix dose of local traffic. Airport buses ply this route as well! See the To and Fro menu above. Athens new

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Metro is highly recommended: fast, clean and inexpensive (70c). It touts an airport route (6-8 eu) which unfortunately
entails a bus ride leaving or arriving from the airport so take a taxi, airport bus (2.90 eu)or finally, the metro.  Airport Transfers are available too, they cost more but are well worth it if you have lots of baggage or deserve to be pampered in an air conditioned Mercedes E-class. Plus you can split the cost if you aren't solo or make a friend or two. Its been my experience that you meet more people in Greece going somewhere than after you arrive and get stuck  in your hotel. Old style ferry boats are one example and a good way to slow down and scope out. peaking of scoping out, if Greeks have a blind spot its in making signs that make any sense. Like a vision problem but more bureaucratic. The new Athens airport related ring road signs are an example but just one of many. Getting to Athens port of Piraeus from the center in your rental can be gnarly too. Pireos street which is Piraeus street changes names twice, is one way part of the time and really low on guidance. Athens' museums have been renovated plus we got a new sculpture museum (as if we didn't have enough sculpture before). Its part of the National Picture Gallery but difficult to get to as its no where near the NPG. Its more for the Greeks than the foreign tourists, at least so far. Athens and Greece's museums in general are heavily weighted towards sculpture as no ancient paintings survived. Two dimensional representations of space are mostly confined to churches rather than museums. As you view ancient sculpture try to remember it was all painted before display. Especially the Parthenon. More info above! Oops! I almost forgot! Somebody has to pay for all this and it 'aint the Olympic committee! In addition to our 7 billion of Olympic debt, the Newly elected government also recently uncovered @20 billion euros of debt that the previous "socialist" administration (called Pasok) conveniently forgot to mention to the Authorities in Brussels; fearing perhaps, that if they did, we wouldn't be allowed to share the euro currency and all its benefits such as 25% higher prices on everything. This might be the best thing Pasok ever did. Getting us thrown out of the euro system that is! This is breaking news, the full extent of which will be revealed shortly ...maybe? Maybe not!

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