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On the highway that leads to Agios Andreas, Tyrou and Leonidio, in a verdulous territory full of olive- trees on the Thyreas lowland, we find Astros, an important town in the Kynouria community in Arkadia. 45klm away from Tripoli, Astros was an important trade and commandment center even in the earlier ages. The town history is very rich. The ancient cities Thyrea and Eva were located in this area, which both flourished during the 2nd century BC. Thyrea was probably standing on the location today called Hellinico, 8klm away from Astros. The archeologists found on the hill Tihio remainings of walls and water tanks that are dated from the Mycenean ages to the 3rd century BC. Eva was probably standing on the territory Moni Lukus, 3klm away from Astros. Archeo-logists found just a few ceramic objects from this city and the Asklipiadis Polemokratis sanctuary. On the same location the Herodis Atticus Mansion is standing. Herodes Atticus was a rich philosopher, orator, politician and art collector who decided to expand the mansion he inherited from his father in these grounds. In this decision took patr the important geographical location the mansion stood on. Herodes Atticus builted a huge complex of buil-dings in purely Roman architecture that extended in 20000klm2  and had a patio as its center, artificial river in a canal, 3 linking arcades with exceptional mosaic floors, palace, aqueducts, baths and buildings. This complex was the first cultural and scientific resort and as he was a collector himself he gathered there a huge part of his perso-nal art collection and turned the mansion to a museum, leaving that way to the generations that came one of the ri-chest archeological monuments in Europe. Tte location was discovered first in 1809 while the excavation began in 1979 and are still active. The numerous findings are exhibited in the Tripoli archeological museum and in well preserved ware-houses in Astros. Just across the Herodis Atticus mansion you will find the Lucus monastery, buil-ted in the 12th century AC and dedicated to the transformation of Christ. The monastery is standing on the remai-nings of the Asklipios Polemokratis sanctuary and is of high architectural importance as it has builted in parts of sculptures of the late Roman ages. A grand relief of Asklipios and his family was found here dated from the 4th century BC which is kept at the Athens archeological museum.The monastery has a rich and precious library with manuscripts. Visit the Mustus aquatic biotope which is parted in a small lake and a swamp. The biotope is a resting place for immigrating birds, fishes, reptiles and careta-careta turtles and is under the protection of the Eu-ropean programme Natura 2000. The lake is linked with the sea by two artificial canals and the waters are sanative

During the Ottomanic domination Astros was a town with great activity. In 1823 Astros hosted the Second Natio-nal Assembly under the leadershop of Petros Mavromichalis. Among other decisions that were taken during the Assembly were the colours of the Greek flag and the right to the liberty of press. The building in which the Natio-nal Assembly took place has been declared a preserved monument

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