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The capital of the prefecture, acquaintance for her traditional bridge, her orange groves and olive groves, is connected with Athens via the National road Rio – Antirio and abstains from this 370 km, while from Thessalonica 444 km. The important classic and Byzantine monuments, her marvellously mountainous region and the amazing natural value and beauty of Amvrakikos gulf and the factors attract the visitors. Reaching in the Arta, in the entry it welcomes you the bridge of Artas –acquaintance for his unique architecture–, that according to the tradition in order to finishes the structure of the bridge it is needed for the mechanic of this to sacrifices his beloved woman "building" her in the bows of the bridge. His history begins from the Roman season, perhaps from the season of Pirrou –in this is reported obviously and the Pliny. In the bridge of Artas at his life of many centuries, became repairs and additions, the last in 1612. For this bridge and for the legend to him were written six theatrical works, a lot of folklore studies and two operas. In his left bank it is found the historical tree that in its wood according to the tradition of the Ali-Pasas killing the Christians. Enjoy a walk in the forest in the hill of Ai-lia and relax in the tourist kiosk of Municipality. From the city of Artas, you will begin walking in order to you know the prefecture, as well as the Amvrakikos gulf that entertains infrequent species of flora and fauna, in a climate of astonishing calm and harmony. Do not omit to visit the Folklore and the History museum of Artas of Association "Skoyfa's" where are exposed objects from the daily life of residents: tools of craftsmanship, various utensils and objects. In order to you swim it will need for you to cover 20-25 km of good street in order for you to reach in the beaches of Menidi and Korwnisias. In the Last Sunday of the June, in the anniversary of the release of the city, becomes big feast. In the city you will remain in hotels while rented rooms - apartments you will find in also in the village Kommeni and in the Aneza.Also it deserves for you not to lose the other places and sightseeing of Arta. Except of the bridge of Arta which its history is amazing, you also might see and other places like the castle of Arta, the clock of Arta, the little theatre, the tzami of Faik Pashas in Imaret, the square Skoufa, and the museums and many others.
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                                                Sights in Arta Town

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