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We are standing on the east section of Peloponnisos.

Argolida extends to the whole of the Argolic peninsula (except from the part that belongs to Attiki) and the inside of the Argolic Gulf. It neighbours to the north with Korinthia, southwest with Attiki, west and south with Arkadia. On the south is awashed by the Argolic Gulf and on the northeast by the Saronic Gulf. It covers an extention of ground of 2.214klm2.
Nafplio , Argolis , Peloponnese , Greece
The ground is mountai- nous, semi-mountainous and lowlandious. The famous fertile lowland of Argos extends from the from the inside of the Argolic Gulf, up to the narrow point of Dervenakia, while across the coastline we find smaller lowlands. The most mountainous part in Argolida and where the highest peaks are, is found on the west, to the neighbouring point with Arkadia. Oligyrlos is the highest mountain chain in Argolida and Skipiza is its highest peak at 1935m altitude. Extentions of this mountain chain are Stavraetos and Megalovouni at the borders with Korinthia at the west, and Farmakan and Bahriami in the interland.
To name a few mountains in Argolida: Mountain Trahy, Artemisio, Malevo,Ktenias, Parthenio on the north, and Arahneo, Didymo Oros, Aderes mountain to the south. Because of the dry climate and the few rains, Argolida doesen’t have that many rivers.

Nafplio , Argolis , Peloponnese , Greece

But we do find violent torrents which spate during winter time and they all dry up during summertime. Inahos is the mainest torrent and sources from the mountain Lyrkio and Artemisio (extensions of the mountain chain of Trahy), goes through the lowland of Argos and disembogues in the Argolic Gulf west of Nafplio. A very special feature in Argolida is that big karstic sources known as “Kefalaria” and “Eyes” gush to the entries of the mountains on the west.
There are also undersea sources near Kiverio. The waters of the “Eyes” come from the highland of Tripoli and they disembogue through swallowholes. The most domain of those “Eyes”are the ones in Argos: Kefala- ri, Mylos, Anavalos, Erasinos, Krois. We find rivers only on the south section of the Argolic peninsula, the lakes Meto- hea and Sancturia.

Nafplio , Argolis , Peloponnese , Greece

The coastline begins at the Saronic Gulf in Attiki, south from the cove Sofiku up to the north point of cove Agios Vlassis. Here, it is being stopped by the coast of Peloponnisos which belongs to Attiki and goes on from the small lagoon of Metohi, north of Hydra,  to the Argolic Gulf. The Argolic Gulf begins from the cape Bournias south of Leonidio and ends east of the narrow point of the island Spetses. In Kiverio lies the part of the Argolic Gulf which includes Nafplio cove and its picturesque islet Burzi. Cape Hondros and a few other covew follow up to the Rouis cape, across of which we find the island Romvis and the islet Daskalio. From this point the coastlone spreads to the east, forming the Tolu cove and the beautiful beaches which have been utilised touristically. Here, we find the marina- lagoon Drepanos, Cape Korakas follows and cape Thyni.

At the southernest point of Argolida lies the peninsula of Kranidi and the islets Korakia and the narrow marina Porto- Heli. South from Porto- Heli we find a small circ lagoon (Vouliagmeni) which communicate through a small opening with mountain Vervrenza. Kosta, a touristic spot is across and a number of coves and islets follow. The climate in Argolida is the most healthy climate in Greece. Warm and dry during summertime and mild during the winter months, the only places  lower temperatures are marked during summertime are the mountainous territories.

Nafplio , Argolis , Peloponnese , Greece
But though the Argolic peninsula is thought to be of the driest parts in Greece, it does have a few hot springs. Akropegio in Ligourio near Epidavros, the hot spring of Agion Anargyron (rich in chlorine, sodium, and acid-carbon), Irion and Ermiaida (bitter –briny waters) and the salty spring of Gonia.

Argolida has many places for pasturing, forests, viveyards, tobacco production and because is very close to Attiki, provides to Attiki green vegetables. Argolida is first in the production of oranges and mandarins. We also find mineral wealth in Argolida. Near Ermioni tins of fool’s gold free of arsenic, manganese in Argos and Epidavros,marble in various places.
Tourism was already developed in Argolida since the second world war. The numerous archeological centers and the ancient civilazation drew visitors to Mycenes, Tiryntha, Epidavros (and the Festival), Argos, Nafplio.

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