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For those who want to enjoy the best the beauty of nature, to enjoy the forests and rivers in mountainous areas of the prefecture, Argithea Agrafon awaits them. For the most daring will not hesitate to wander and explore the beauty of the region, devoted entirely to hiking and naturalist the pathi.Geografika, Argithea called the area beginning at the ridge Zygourolivado (top of mountain Voutsikaki), boat, Ai-Lias (drums), extends to the limits of the county with Arta and Evritania and includes the villages of Municipalities Argtheas (Argithea - Greek - Summer - Kalikomi-Karia - Mesovouni - Petroto), Achelous (Silver - Katafylli - Fennel ) Community and Eastern Argithea (Vlasios - Drossato - Koumpouriana - Leontito - Petrohori - Stefaniada - fluffy).

Argithea karditsas Thessaly

Whole Argithea topped by towering fir, beech, chestnut, cedar, oak and holly and dog or wild roses grow everywhere, Agrambeli, melissa, herbs and wildflowers that provide their smell.
Rich and fauna of the area, and plenty of cool water flowing in argitheatika mountains.

The remarkable monuments and artefacts of the region compete with the achievements of nature. Here nature and people marched in perfect harmony and how strong historical memories (already in ancient times inhabited the Argithea the Athamanes, Greek sex descendants Athamas king of Gujarat).
Is renowned hospitality of the locals and love to ensure that the visitor.
For the discovery of Argithea are two paths you can follow. Common starting point, and the common destination, but different paths. Idyllic landscape, evocative beauty will always you away.
argithea village karditsas

Planos you progress from west to Argithea, Petroto, Sikia with destination Maratho. The Fennel leads the eastern route, after passing by Vlasi, Petrilo, Stefaniada.
The unforgettable experience but far ends in Marathi and even more daring reaches the Vrangiana and Katafylli, located more than 100km from Karditsa. Worth and bold attempt to travel to the end and detail each route separately.
The first route and the knowledge of Western Argithea begins with the first station Drakotrypa, which is immersed in greenery and abundant waters. Here at an altitude of 800m. is one of the most important monuments of Agrafa the I. M. Holy Trinity.
In Drakotrypa was born in Saint Dionysius of Olympus. Here was developed crafts swords during the Turkish occupation.

Of the major communities in the region, Beech (alt. 900m. The previous administrative division belonged to Peg City) offers visitors unique opportunities to learn the peculiarities of argitheatikou landscape, to feel excitement to the roughness and the majesty of the peaks the surround.

Awe cause items such as Skafida, red Wreath and Gong with bare sharp rocks that stand in the sky. The beech forests are ideal for walking and the peaks of the Camps (2184m.), Malia (1970m.) is a unique opportunity for lovers of mountain climbing.
The Argithea (Knisovo older name) is just sixty kilometers from Karditsa. Built on terraces and in trees with stone houses, while preserving the traditional today was the capital of Athamania. Close to Argithea in the West over time revealed an ancient cemetery (4th century BC), a cist tombs, pottery and jewelry.
Good compatibility of the road leading northwest of Argithea Summer in the traditional village with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. The Mesovouni spread on the sides of the mountain Karavas (highest peak 2184m.). H tradition called Karava be lost at times distant, when the plain of Thessaly and the sea was still there, tied the boats.
Despite the dirt road there are no major compatibility problems on the road to strong, situated at an altitude of 800m. and is one of the largest villages Argithea. Great monasteries of the village (Dormition of the Virgin Mary, the Virgin Birth) with frescoes from the 17th and 18th century and the famous bridge, the bridge Korakou, reminiscent of a famous bridge in Thessaly and Epirus. The bridge was built in the early 16th century by Saint Bessarion. Rich and the oral tradition associated with the name of the bridge.
In Flourishing but there is still a stone bridge in the 4th century. There is also pestrofogennitikos station. Interesting and vibrant museum where they are very sacred relics. From Flourishing you move sometimes more and sometimes less comfort and convenience and to meet throughout the region, which presents and archaeological interest. In Petroto, which left the last breath of Mars Velouchiotis deserves to see the arch and the famous bridge. From Petroto, crossing five galleries, go to Sikia which operate projects diverted river. From the Fig Tree Bay and along the stream Acheloos most adventurous will find the opportunity of an unforgettable experience, as the river waters are suitable for kayaking.
Continue south along the Achelous by Maratho. From Fennel can return to Planos through eastern Argithea, but it would be preferable and fascinating to continue descending even further south to Vragkiana and Katafylli. In the second route, the Planos eastward Argithea experience far less intensity is. The Vlasi, unique picturesque village located right after the neck of beech and valuable presents here I. Monastery of the Virgin Birth. 
Accommodation Argithea 
Traditional Hotel Katousi 
katousi hotel
In Petrilo, built in pine forest with plenty of water, leading to a short detour. From here goes the international path E4 (for climbers and walkers) in the future will unite with the Central Greece Thessaly and Macedonia.
In particular, existing examples of local architecture and noticeable churches and monasteries Petrilo: Birth of Christ (17th century), the Assumption.
The Petrilo spread over a large area and in the community under a number of settlements (Argyraiika, Russian, King, etc.). During the Turkish rule the village was ADOULOTI, flourished and was more than thirty churches of which remain today noon.

In 1944 the headquarters moved here from the Government of Free Greece with Alexander lumpy.
From Petrilo Drossato to go where the beautiful arched bridge. The Petrohori is remarkable churches. One of the famous products of the region is the slice of Agrafa produced in the pastures of the village.
Continue to Koumpouriana, livestock and village pilgrimage shrine of the most important monument of Argithea: the IM Assumption of the Virgin Mary or I.M. Cave.
At an altitude of 800m., Awe inspiring and gives the visitor the impression to 'have hung in cliff. An important reference point of the race here in 1821 and in 1867 had established the Revolutionary Government.

Two of the churches, the small 16th-century frescoes of the 17th century and built the global mid 18ou. Each time the next day, the monastery receives thousands of Orthodox believers from all over Greece. The cave monastery is possible overnight in the cells, offering the opportunity to know better and without the pressure of time the locals and offers plenty of nature.
Very close and Stefaniada the monument of the monastery Kosti. Relax and enjoy the fresh air, and the pure natural beauty that offers the area around Lake Stefaniada. From Stefaniada Maratho you reach the meeting point of two paths of western and eastern Argithea. There you are given the opportunity to see up close the Achelous, and make pleasant strolls through the wooded hills.

Let Fennel towards the southern parts Vragkiana, Katafylli, Argyris. From Katafylli and the silver access both to Arta and the Agrinio throughout the course of etous.Mesa forest of oaks, sycamores and oaks are the Vragkiana, Argithea the village that lies at the foot of the mountain Mirmitzala (1543m . altitude). Built in the 17th century I. Monastery of Transfiguration church is a monument and it is possible to overnight at the monastery.
To the west of Vragkianon, the Neochori where you can have a unique experience: crossing the Achelous with manual cable car (perataria) throughout the year.
On the other side of the mountain Mirmitzala the Katafylli in equally picturesque landscape.
By the beginning of the century brought the Selipiana name, the name of King Selipa who founded the city in 285 BC Many important archaeological finds (coins, statues, etc.) delivered to the National Archaeological Museum.
Notable and churches of Katafylliou: Agia Kyriaki and Transfiguration. The Transfiguration chrysovammeno has carved screen and excellent acoustics and the best reverb in domes were entoichisei bronze vessels. Box Brava is perataria for crossing river.
In Katafylli there and sulfur hot springs, which unfortunately remain untapped. The bridge of the village with five arches, was built in 1900 by modern standards. The two water mills that survived the silver retain its picturesque, such as the church of Prophet Elias built largely of a cave.

From the Silver you can continue your route with the same pleasure and leaving the prefecture of Karditsa go to the cedar and Raftopoulos owned department Haryana.
Unforgettable experience of a visit Argithea during July - August and will realize the effort of the local xanazontanema and upgrading of the region and will thus enjoy the results and creations of their labors.

Numerous cultural and festive events, especially during the summer, give cause for deep human contact, for nice meetings and communication between the local component and visitors. The population of each village literally multiplied, the party keeps night and day, eating plenty and always tidy, always placing at its peak.
Number and pilgrims, visiting monasteries and churches which celebrate. After the service enjoy the shade of the forest and the home table, while the festivities in the community restores the traditional way. Is the annual gathering of Argitheaton (neck beech, July 23). Remarkable and cultural life of the community Vragkianon the period 6-16 August with theatrical performances and dances.
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