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The mountainous village of Arahova is situated 35km. away from Livadia, built on an altitude of 940m. Even though it is a usual stop for those heading towards Delphi or the ski center of Parnassos, it still retains its traditional color.

All houses follow the traditional architectural style with narrow cobbled stone paths. If you come to Arahova, do not forget to buy some of the beautiful handmade rugs and bags made by the locals. Also, in your visit it is worth trying some of the local products, such as jam, honey, feta and «opsimotiri» cheese. The visitor can find here several hotels, restaurants, cafeterias and souvenir shops.

More information about Arachova 

Moving through time we find them always present Arachovites to fight for the ideals of Greece taking part in all national races. Olives, olive oil and fine wine, continues the tradition of the old wine brouskou, are products of Arachovitikis land. Is known and dairy products like feta Parnassus and especially Formaella. Also famous are the arachovitika karpitia, carpets with traditional arachovitika projects. An important step in the development of Arachova was the creation of the ski resort of Parnassos.
Today Arachova despite rapid growth, maintaining its traditional character, the manners and customs of. A genuine expression of arachovitikis soul is the three-day celebration of the famous "Panigyraki. National and religious festival in honor of patron St. George, connected to the memory of the battle of 1826. The festival is surviving ancient Greek culture, indicating the deep historical roots of Arachova.
 The 35 churches of Arachova is a sign of deep faith, which distinguishes ntopious.Sti west exit of town to the Parnassus has set up a marble bust of G. Karaiskakis on stones, symbolic trophy winning 300 Turkish head, set up after the battle. In the center of town rock wrapped in Time Kissos and the neoclassical building of primary school, are truly jewels of Arachova. All those who passed away this ymnoun beautiful natural balcony Parnassus. The Arachovites are simple, peaceful and hospitable people and love the tradition which try to maintain at all costs. It was and is the eagles of Zeus, which spathizoun the peaks of Parnassus, chug of his life. From antiquity to the peaks and slopes, and Fterolaka Cellar is the only companion of. On the peaks, sing along with the Pan and the nights sleeping with the Nymphs. 


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