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Amaliada : Amaliada is a city of Peloponnese that belongs to the prefecture of Ilia. It is considered as the seat of the homonym Municipality with 21.000 residents. It is the first city in extent as it includes 256.988 acres and the second city in population with 32.090 residents in the prefecture of Ilia. From point of view of population Amaliada occupies the 4th place in the region of Western Greece afterwards Patras, Agrinio and Pirgo. Many streets begin and lead to Amaliada. There are a lot of nearby ways that connect this city with the mountainous of Peloponnese and the magnificent coastal waters of Ionian. From the city you can enjoy the top of Erymanthos, the Portobouni of Achaia, the bank of Zakynthos and Cephalonia. In the busky hills that surround it, monumental spaces call for excursions and offer occasions of tour with high archaeological and environmental interest. In the background you can enjoy the rich flora in the region and the bewitching colours and scents that emerges from the fresh air. Very near sits the dam Penaeus, with the homonym lake, the municipal apartment of Centre, where you can do canoeing and kayaking during all the seasons of time and the forest of oaks named Kapellis, which is the biggest of this type in Greece. Waters and forests constitute a pouch that wraps the city. Finally, in distance of 40 kilometres are found Ancient Olympia, the cradle of Olympic Fights. Whoever is interested in a tour with ecological interest there is nothing else but to selects the way Tripoli-Patras, or E.O. 111, one of the most beautiful drives of Greece. Specifically, if you will travel by motorcycle, surely you will admire the landscape that is unfolded in the mountainous Achaia, Ilia and Arkadia.
In earlier times, main source of wealth was the raisin while now by reason of the big irrigatory work done to Penaeus combined with the dynamic culture, it had as a result the known crops of watermelons, the olives, the citrus fruits, the horticultural and the potatoes of Amaliada in Greece as well as  all over the world. These determine also the main occupation of its residents. Amaliada has the formal characteristics of a provincial city that uses every exertion in order to achieve a higher level of life in all sectors. In the city of Amaliada as well as in the wider region existed important reconstruction the last decade and in combination with the replacement of old residences that had suffered damage from the earthquakes of Bartholomio in 1988 and Pirgo in 1993, the city allocates in the bigger percentage new residences and the most of them have gardens and courtyards, contributing in this way to the improvement of the state of living. Also, in the western department of the city have been developed coastal settlements, completely organised with increased possibilities of tourist infrastructure. They function in the city but also in the wider municipality, during the entire year, as a result the infrastructure of all the service of tourist period. Hotels, enterprises of renting rooms, as well as enterprises of focus and entertainment are considered as a fact.
A very nice place to visit during your tour is the Saint Trinity. It is the municipal apartment of Municipality of Lasionas, where a few years before the archaeological hoe discovered a big Mycenaean cemetery that testifies the historicity of the region. Nearby is also the Dibri with its sources that flow on centuries “nama”. From there you can admire the forest of oaks named Foloi that unfolds as a green sea in order to discover in the mountainous hinterland the way of Penaeus with its tens of remains of mills in his banks that testifies the bloom of the local manufacturing rural economy that does not exist anymore. A route of infinity beauty is also that of Pineiakou Ladona, that springs from the plateau Lala and leads to the concave of Ilida. This route is suitable for cavalry or peripatetic tourismetres. In the western side of the city, in the limits of the campaign of ilia, it dominates the Castle Chlemoutsi. Little northern also locates the water biotope Kotichiou with the overwhelming Strofilia. Moreover a excursion in Basses will remain unforgettable to you as well as, in the temple of Epicureum Apollo and in Parthenona of Peloponnese.
 In the municipal apartment of Daphni, is another Mycenean cemetery and the Byzantine temple of the 12th century of Saint Blasi and in Dafniotissa the Byzantine temple of Panagitsas. Very nearly is also the harbour of Kyllini that leads to Zakynthos and Cephalonia.
By the aspect of cultural heritage, Amaliada has many to demonstrate. Amaliada is considered as the cultural capital of the Prefecture of Ilia. It includes in its limits the most important localities and monuments of ancient or even newer years, while simultaneously are organised very important cultural events  during all over the year. The locations that you may visit are plenty. To begin with, there is the Ancient Ilida. it was one of the most important centres of Peloponnese in the antiquity, it reached in bloom during the roman years, when was also built a big number of buildings and mainly athletic installations because at Ilida was going always the crowd of athletes for training, one month before the Olympic Fights. It was the organizing city of Olympic Fights and capital of Ilias.
The abbey of Fragkabillas, was an erection of mid- Byzantine period. Now it is considered as one of the most important temples of Ilia. It belongs in the type of cruciate registered temple with cupola. Later additions and reconstructions have degraded the form of the temple externally.
The Folklore Museum of Amaliada is accommodated in a neo-classical building of 1932, nearby the railway station. It began its functions in 1993 from a committee that was created by the Municipality. The philosophy and the objective of the Folklore Museum is the projection and safeguarding of memory, of culture and the cultural heritage of this place.
And finally, the Library the building is bequest of Homogenous of Christos Papachristopoulos. The association is renamed to “Papachristopouleios Library of Amaliada” and nowadays allocates about the 16000 titles of books. It functions as reading room and lending library.
 Important are also the cultural events that take place at the duration of all year in Amaliada. An example is the Festival of the ancient Ilida. This leading cultural event includes representations in the Ancient Theatre of Ilidas, musical events in the Castle Chlemoutsi and in the stage of city as well as parallel activities in the place of ancient Ilida and in the city of Amaliada. Also special interest presents the Carnival of Amaliada, which includes events during the whole period of Carnivals with revival of local customs in the Municipal Apartments of Municipality, musical and cultural events with the attendance of schools and all of the citizens and the prominence of events with the parade of chariots in the central streets of the city. Moreover, at the duration of time are organised Musical Events, as concerts by the students of Conservatoire of the city, by the chorus and by the cultural associations which develop intense cultural activity. Also, particular interest presents the Cinematographic Festival for young persons. At Ancient Olympia is organised each year festival with films for young persons the projections of which become in Olympia, in Pirgos and in Amaliada. Other cultural events include congresses, reports of books, briefings in subjects that concern the history, the Literature, the Culture, the Economy, the Education, the Health, but also subjects of reflection with regard to the everyday routine.
Additionally, tourist interest presents the artificial lake of the dam of Penaeus. Penaeus River shapes an extensive deltaic plain 83 kilometres2 which is irrigated by his homonym dam with length 70kilometres and is acquaintance from the antiquity, as according to the mythology, Hercules cleaned the stables of king Aygea with its water. The artificial lake of Penaeus in Ilia is above Ancient and New Ilida, roughly 20 kilometres from the coast.. The foundation of work began in 1961 and was finished in 1968. The height of dam is 50m, the length 2175metres and covers 21kilometres. It is one from the most important land reclamation work of Prefecture. The water is used for the irrigation of flat extents the months of April until October at length of axis Lappa - Amaliada - Cardama. Recently, has been worked out special environmental study aiming at the exploitation of developmental possibilities of this region that surrounds the lake of dam Penaeus. The actions that is proposed to be developed is the creation of tourist lodgings and other places of recreation, the creation of installations athleticism of seamen that will allow the exercising and stay of number of athletes with the proportional equipment and aid of flora (planting of trees) and fauna (enrichment of region with species of birds, prohibition of hunting etc) and of the biotope of region. At the same time, have taken measurements of the parameters of the water of the lake. After of a sequence of samplings the quality of the water of the lake was judged as exceptionally good, since the prices of chemical parameters are in a lot of cases even better from the acceptable prices for potable water. More they speak in the exploitation of lake as reservoir for the water supply of residents of Municipality of Amaliada afterwards the manufacture of suitable refinery.
Finally, if you are keen to clean beaches then Amaliada offers to you a lot of choices. You have the opportunity to sunbathe yourselves in the beach of the region Kourouta, at Palouki, at Marathia, at Saint Marina, at Sabalia and at Robiata where you may enjoy the view of the magic sunsets. Nonetheless, if you prefer travelling by ship it is possible to be lodged in the piscatorial shelter. The manufacture of this work began in the year 1990 for the marina of piscatorial ships. As a result of various problems its manufacture did no managed to get finished. Its work of completion began again in 1999 with reformation of study, forecasting and the marina of small ships of recreation. At the moment it has possibilities of marina of 40 professional and 40 amateur piscatorial ships up to 15-20 metres and with proportional draught of 2metres Also there is the possibility of mooring of roughly 40 small powerboats. Roughly 50 tons of fishes are getting fished annually. If you are worshipper of camping then the suitable part for you is the coastal forest of Thinon. It is located in the administrative limits of Municipality of Amaliada and extends at almost all the length of beach of Municipality of Amaliada. A department of almost 76 acres has been granted at use in the Municipality for the creation of tourist installations. The municipality has manufactured and functioned camping, aestival theatre, the park of circulatory education, various spaces of recreation. Moreover in the fringes of forest exists coastal street making thus easier the accessibility.

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