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 Alonnisos is a quieter and more serene island than Scopelos, it is ideal for the adorers of the nature and for those that seek quiet and relaxing interruptions in a Greek island.
Alonissos Island Sporades Greece -Greek Island

There is a sea around Alonnisos which is exceptionally clean as there is also located the National Marine Park that protects species under disappearance as the Mediterranean seal, that you can see in the northern department of this island. Alonnisos, is one of the first islands of Aegean that were inhabited. The old capital of island is getting live all over again in the past few years.

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The old houses of Old Alonnisos, that were restored, certainly impress the visitor. In the decades paved paths and on the beaches of the island, is developed tourism friendly to nature. In this very beautiful natural environment of Alonnisos the visitor has the possibility to get busy himself   all seasons of time with alternative activities such as walking, fishing, sailing, visits in the islands of Marine Park etc.).

Alonissos Island Sporades Greece -Greek Island 
Alonnisos constitutes the ideal base of operations for a visit to the National Marine Park where is likely to meet the protected type of Mediterranean monk seal Monachus-Monachus, that lives in the sea-caves of this island.
In Alonnisos is also found the seat of the International Academy of Classic Homeopathy that was founded by the G. Bythoulka and it functions in the aestival period. The island was from the old days a rich place plenty of flora and of fauna. In the cape of Kokkinokastro (in English: Red castle) were found skeletons of rhinoceros, small horses and deers, while, round the islet Vrachos (in English: Rock), is found sunk the ancient state that constitutes the irrefutable proof of the big history of island. The economy of Alonnisos is supported mainly by tourism, but also by agriculture and fishery.

Alonissos Island Sporades Greece -Greek Island
At Old Alonnisos, after a period of agricultural abandonment, the rural production began to be developed again. The Old benches of Alonnisos that someday were overgrown with vines today are full of olives and vegetables, reviving the old traditional dry masonry. Even if the region round the island is considered as one of the richest of Aegean in fishes, the fishery never had big tradition in the island. An explanation that gives the historians is the fear of pirates that kept the local residents far from the sea. Today, however, enough families live from the fishery.
The visitors can arrive at Alonissos in many ways!
If you prefer traveling by ferryboat:

Alonissos Island Sporades Greece -Greek Island
There is connection with Saint Konstantinos and Volos (5 hours and 30 ') via Skiathos and Scopelos. In the summertime the itineraries are regular, while are realised also connections with the harbour of Thessalonica, while the nearest itinerary is that of Scopelos. With flying dolphin the Catamaran: Alonnisos is connected regularly with the harbours of Volos (2 hours and 30 ') and Saint Konstantinos (2 hours and 40 ') via Skiathos and Scopelos. In the summertime the itineraries are denser, while are realised also connections with Skyros, Kymi, Edipsos, Orei, Pefki, Platania, Thessaloniki, Marmara, Moudania, Porto Carras.
When you will reach at Alonnisos by boat or by flying dolphin you will get off in Patitiri. Patitiri is also today the harbour of Alonissos. A little northern from the harbour, you will meet the settlements Rousoum-Gialo and Votsi built in two very beautiful bights. Continuing north you will meet abundant beaches, suitable for a marvellous sunbathing. Some of them are Milia, Chrisi Milia, Giorgis-seashore, and the Leftos-Seashore.

The growth of Patitiri in a status of settlement began about the means of decade the '50. Today Patitiri is the capital and the centre of the island. It is the old capital of island, that after the earthquakes of 1965 its residents inhabited in Patitiri. Today 5-6 families live there all the time. After the earthquakes it was bought from foreigners, adorers of the tradition and the traditional architecture, which repaired many from the half- damaged houses, maintaining entire its architectural shape.
It is located on the top of the hill with supervisory view at all the points of horizon with airy and cool climate, as a consequence it is crowded during the summertime. The visitors can find beautiful traditional rented rooms and traditional taverns and other goods of shops, in a warm traditional atmosphere.
One of the most beautiful moments of the village is the fest on the 15th of August, where a representation of the traditional marriage is organised and it follows rave-up till the morning. Rousoum in Turkish means the duty and it seems that from this beach became the exports of the famous wine of Alonnisos, after the relative duties of import or export were paid. It is the intermediary between Patitiri and Votsi, and has the most popular beach for the residents and tenants of Patitiri and Votsi.The distance between Patitiri and Votsi is covered on legs in 7 minutes.
Today despite the “relative growth” it maintains its pure character and it continues being a village with a few rented rooms and with taverns with traditional foods and abundant local fish. It is an attractive part that if you select to remain there, you will enjoy not only the magic beaches that are around there, but also the near peripatetic ways in the overgrowth and green hills that is all around. It abstains from Patitiri 10 kilometres and you can go with two daily itineraries by the municipal bus, by taxi or by private vehicle.
You can also go for bath to the near beaches that find in distance 5-10 minutes, Glifa or Saint Petros, because the beach of Stenivalas is small enough and usually there exists a lot of yachts and smack. Opposite to Stenivala you can find the Peristeri and in the channel exists the ancient shipwreck, where you find its salvage in development Kalamakia are a small settlement that is even inhabited by fishermen, smaller than Narrow Vala. The harbour that exists there is not offered for swimming, but you can find graphic taverns, literally above the sea, where you can enjoy fresh fish.
Regarding the swimming you can go to the near beach of Saint Demetrius, and in your return to stop in Kalamakia. Unfortunately does not exist possibility of locomotion using the municipal bus, hence will be supposed to take a taxi, or rent a bicycle or a car. The distance is round 12 kilometres from Patitiri. In the past few year Big Mourtias became a very popular beach mainly because of its amazing sea of small distance from the country but even more because there are found three very good taverns with very tastily homemade foods and fresh fishes.

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