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The municipality of Akrata is covering the northwest coasts of Peloponnisos, viewing the Korinthian Gulf, reaching up to the hills of mountain chain Helmos. The municipality consists of the villages Abelos, Akrata, Kalamia, Krathio, Mesorugi, Paralia Platanu, Platanos, Peristeria, Syliveniotika, Porovitsa, Vutsimo, Valimi, Zarouchla. The mainest advantage is the natural beauty of the landscapes and Akrata is a destination that will ful-fill every traveller’s taste with the numerous choises of having fun, rest or learn about the history of Achaia.
Combining sea and mountains, you can visit Akrata the entire year, for your summer or winter vacations. The coastline which is spreading from Syliveniotika to Krathio is hosting every year hundreds of people, providing every kind of comfort and constanty developing. As moving to the mainland, the colours are turning to traditional forms but the hospitality remains the same. Akrata is the village that gave name to the municipality, the cultural center and the capital. Amphitheatrically built on the foothills of the mountain chain Helmos and having a crystal clear beach just a breath away from the village, Akrata is a place full of life and a place you can spend your time very creati- vely, engaging all kinds of activities. Visit the temple of Saint-Haralambos  which is of historical value and is standing in the center of the village. You will find the monastery of Agia Triada  just 3Klm away. The monastery was built in 1600 AC and has remarkable murals dated after 1751 AC. Abelos is only 4Klm away from Akrata and the name is taken from the numerous vineyards that exist in the area (Abelos means vineyard and in the past the location was known as Valkouvinia which in Italian means the joy of wine).
The village Akrata is also amphi-theatrically  situated on the mountain with view to the Korinthian Gulf. You can definitely pass by and eat at the tavernas which have traditional character, visit the archeological location at Grasidopia and buy raisins and wine which have fine quality. Kalamia is known of the forest of oak trees, one of the protected physical monuments of Greek nature. It’s only natural that since the entire place is sitting on mountains the flora is very rich and up to where the eye can see green is the dominant colour. Mesorugi is located south of Akrata and is popular of the forest . The economy is based on agriculture producing olives, fruits and vegetables. Mesorugi is also the home town of Striftombolas, one of the leaders of the revolution in 1821 against the Ottomanic domination. Paralia Platanu is another one of those places in Greece that will make you believe you are standing on an island rather than land. Porovitas is standing near Akrata and you will find the kiosk of the municipality for the visitors for in-formation and directions. Near Valimi and at an altitude of 800m you will find the lake Tsivlu another physical monument in Achaia. The lake is characterised as Alpine and its existance and preservation is very important from a cultural as well as an ecological aspect. The waters are green- blue, the landscape in green variations. The lake was formed in 1913, when earthfalling occurred due to the blocking of ancient river Krathis. The small munici-pality Tsivlu was destroyed and the lake took the name. The inhabitants characterise the place as fairytopia. Visit the gorge Vuraika that begins 3Klm north of Zarouchla at an altitude of 730m and ends up to the village Diako-fto, having a parallel course of 20Klm long with the river. This treasure of nature which has downfalls, caves and rich flora of every kind is of supernatural beauty. The lowland of Vuraikos used to be a lake when the waters flooded and tried to find their way to the Korinthian Gulf the φαργγι was created which is deepening year by year because of the power the water is falling. There is a train which follows the course the gorge giving the visitors the chance to admire it in its entire extention. The myth has it that Hercules created it, cutting the rock with his sword on his attempt to create a passage. Pass by the villages of Nokranida on the foothills of Helmos and walk through the rich flora. Akrata is a municipality that was funded during the modern Greek history after the re-volution against the Ottomanic domination in 1821 and is a place worth to be seen.
To name a few of the activities  you can engare: fishing (the coastline has numerous coves, the water is rich in fishes and the depth of the sea is ideal), sea- skiing, boarding, diving, winter- skiing, climbing, cross-country ski, mountain hiking, cycling and many more.

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