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Agios Petros

In a verdulous landscape of cherry-trees, platans, apple-trees, oak trees, chestnut and nut trees we find this traditional village at an altitude of 950m. Builted on the hills of mountain chain Parnonas, it is just 34klm away from Tripoli and 30klm away from Astros. It is said that the village was founded in 1435 AC and was ruled by the Venetians in 1687 AC, when they declared Agios Petros the capital of the entire territory. Because of the altitude and the morphology of the grounds, the location was used by the Greeks and the Ottomans for “hide and seek”, during the ages of the Revolution in 1821. In 1726 and under the commandment of Yiannis Karabelas and Antonakis Alevizos the Malevi battle took place here between Greeks and Ottomans. The inhabitants gave the na-me Saint- Peter to the village because of their belief that Saint Peter was their protector. There are routes that will lead you to the tops of Parnonas and the Alpine refuge. The highest top is called Megali Tourla and will take you 2,5 hours to reach it. You can also take shorter routes to the churches of the 16th century, Ai- Georgios and Ai- Ni-kolaos builted in the chestnut forest. On the east of Agios Petros there is a dried up rocky territory with bushes and cedars, where the shepherds have their shacks and name Xerocambi. On the same side you will find a part of river Tanos. Visit the monument “Castle Aga” which was built in the 18th century and was a fortified residence. Wal-king in the village you will also see the dome-shaped spring which has an inscription dated from 1769 and the other dome- shaped springs, Katsi, Kerasta, Bruskas, all builted in about the same period. The bridge “Vithula Anna” which is a stone builted bridge on river Tanos. Other castle residences you will find in Agios Petros are: Kini, Kontaki, Kasuri, Frinena, Papanikolau. 5klm away Agios Petros, visit the Panagia Malevi Monastery, which is a monastery for women builted on the hills of Parnonas at an altitude of 950m. The older monastery was built during the 14th century a bit further than where it is today. There, Osios Nelos monked and it had been a sanctua-ry for the Greeks during the Ottomanic domination. It was destroyed by the Ottomans on their second attempt – as the first one failed when Zaharias’ men pushed them back. During the Revolution the monastery was used as a ho-spital and a militaty base. It was destroyed by Hebraim in 1825 and was rebuilted after the success of the Revolu-tion. The icon of Panagia is a work dated from 1360 and is thought to be miraculous. The monastery has guest- houses that host every year a number of believers.

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