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Agioi Theodori: Agioi Theodori was a small village that in very little time became a community. Touristic facili-ties gave a strong boost to the location and each year a great number of visitors from abroad as well as Greeks pass by. We are reaching Agioi Theodori through the old highway to Korinthos, barely 65klm away from Athens, on the location ancient Kromyon(means onion because of the onions the land produces since anciety) was built. Kromyon was an ancient city between the borders of Korinthia and Megarida, mainly known from the myth of Fea (Fea was a wild mighty female pig that destroyed the crops and who Theseas killed). The city was taken by the
Spartians during the Korinthic war and acmed approximately at the 6-7th century BC. First belonged to Megara, later to Korinthos. In Kromyon was found a cemetary dated to the Geometrical ages (8th century BC), several objects (ceramics of Korinthian order) , a small theatre which probably had the use of a parliament (dated at the end of the 6th century BC) and ceramic workshops of the late Classical to Hellenistic Ages (4th-2nd century BC). The coast begins east of Kinetta and you will have the chance of swimming in small quiet beaches. Pefkakia- a beach full of pines and white pebbles- will be your choice if you want a fully organised beach. You will also find several places to stay. Visit the beach at the center of the city and the picturesque beach of Tsopa (the bottom of the sea used to be full of octapus nests) which you will find just a few metres away from the city. Thhe beach in Sousaki is a marvelous choice as well. The Gerania mountain chain lingering above Agioi Theodori and the forests on the mountains are  refuges for wild bird-life.You will find rivers and streamlets in the territory. The highest peak is Makriplagi at an altitude of 1369m. Omvrios and Platia are the two islets that stand on the east section of Saronikos Gulf. In Omvrios we find rocky ground, small caves and the remainings of a mystery wall that up to today hasn’t been dated to any era. Both of the islets can only be reached by boats and if you ever find yourself in Agioi Theodori don’t miss visiting them.   

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