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Agiassos is situated 26km. from the town of Mytilini.

agiasos lesvos Greece

The traditional village is amphitheatrically set on the eastern slopes of mountain Olympos, consisting of narrow stone streets and preserved houses with wooden balconies. In the lower part of Agiassos  the visitor can chose from various restaurants and cafeterias.

Agiassos Lesvos

Agiassos is a religious and intellectual center with a great library, a theatre hall, as well as a folklore museum. The village is worldwide known for its artistic handicraft, such as pottery,

Lesvos island , Agiassos  

folklore art and wood-curving, (icons, furniture etc.). Many are the workshops continuing that long tradition.

Agiassos Lesvos Greece

Message from the Mayor (Chrisanthos Christofa Chatzipanagiotis ) 

maygor of Agiassos Lesvos

We welcome you to the website of our Municipality, through which we will show you around the beauties of Agiassos, the magnificent bride of sentinel Olympus, mother of Lesvos’ folk culture and torch-bearer of the fighting spirit of our island.
In my short welcoming speech allow me to sketch in a few words the cast of features of our area and its people.
Agiassos is rich in folk culture. Its inhabitants have always been progressive, hard working,  versatile, sagacious people. Since they’ve settled in this blessed place, centuries ago, they’ve never stopped creating things.
They’ve slowly built this beautiful village with its incomparable traditional style.
They struggled to cultivate their land and managed to make it fertile paying them back every year with virgin olive oil and juicy fruit.
Working closely to Mother Nature, they came in touch with the materials, which made them extremely skilled potters and wood carvers renowned for their artistry all around the world.
Through their inexhaustible inspiration and their constant intellectual pursuits they formed an unrivaled intellectual and folklore tradition.
They saw their hardships with a mocking eye and with in intense taunting mood they wrote satires creating thus a long and of rare quality carnival history on the island.
Brought up in nature they became accustomed to its music. The whistling of the wind through the trees, the songs of birds, the gargling sound of water in the ravines, the rummaging of winter storms inspired them to become great musicians. They welcomed the sounds of Asia Minor, a place of great financial and political importance to them, and allowed these melodies to merge with their own tradition creating superb pieces of folk music we still listen and dance to even today.
In order to preserve and carry the torch of this cultural wealth to the following generations, they built the Arc of their tradition, Anagnostirio that during the Turkish occupation became the temple of civilization forging national consciousness as well as resistance against the invaders.
Today Anagnostirio is concerned with the projection of our village to the public through its Website.
The surmounting natural gem of our area is the Mountain Range Olympus. This overbearing mountaintop rises out of a varying green sea-clad. Its imposing presence affords us with the immense pleasure of indescribable beauty and unique views of the Aegean as far as the Asia Minor Coasts. Its rocky bareness hides in its bosom an invaluable treasure: an unimaginable wealth of rare flora and fauna, which was completely unknown some years ago. Aged Olympus like an affectionate father endowed dewy Agiassos with such blessed heritage.
Therefore, the main purpose of our Website is among other things to project through the Internet the rarity of our natural environment and the particular aspects of Mount Olympus as they have been written down and evaluated through the studies and researches of the international scientific community. Our aim as a municipality is to use modern technologies to project world widely our natural wealth something which might help in the sensitization of people towards it and therefore its better protection as well as the development of alternative forms of tourism thus bringing positive results to the areas economy.
Enjoy your tour…

The Mayor of Agiassos
Chrisanthos Christofa Chatzipanagiotis
write by from official web site of Agiassos


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