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Welcome to Nana Apartments
in Zaros, Heraklion, Crete
It is in the traditional village of Zaros, in the luscious green valley at the foot of Mt. Psiloritis alive with the aroma of herbs and an enchanting beauty, where Nana Apartments are situated.
It is with care and environmental awareness that we have created for you a warm complex of 5 autonomous residences built in an amphitheatric fashion, in an area of wild mountain beauty and natural grace that will offer the perfect setting to discover the meaning of holidays and adventure.
At NANA Apartments you will find unique hospitality and enjoy traditional Cretan evenings accompanied by music played by the owner himself.
nana apartments Zaros heraklion crete

Our apartments
warm, exactly as our hearts are!
Each autonomous apartment, adorned with warm colour schemes and traditional elements, creates a familiar environment giving you the feeling that you are at your own country cottage.
Zaros heraklion accommodation

With the element of wood as a dominating feature, we have created a unique atmosphere in which our visitors feel at ease and in complete harmony with nature.

Each apartment is fully equipped and has a kitchen, central heating and its own porch and yard.

In more detail, our apartments are made up of:
Hotels in zaros

A living room
A kitchen
Two bedrooms
A bathroom
A yard and balcony
Enjoying a night’s rest while surrounded by mountain fresh air, the quiet, good food and any walk you fancy will not only relax you but will also help refreshen you.
nana apartmnts zaros heraklion crete Greece
Activities in Zaros
Activities that will remain unforgettable!
Walking along quiet paths, visiting our historical sights, mountain climbing, climbing and biking are the ways to fill in your free time when visiting our village.

Our activities are the following:

Route 1: Hotel- Zaros Lake- Ag. Nikolaos and return

DURATION: Uphill hike 1 hour and 10 minutes. Downhill hike 55 minutes.

DESCRIPTION: Beginning at our Hotel and ending on the main road in the village, we follow the peripheral road towards tha area Votomos which is one of the most beautiful areas of Zaros. You then move through green scenery where you can hear the water trickling on the sides of the road. On this route you will find taverns as well as the well-known fish farming of trout. At the end of this route, at the foot of the mountain, we will come to Lake Zaros, one of the most beautiful areas Zaros has to offer. By following the path to the mountain and climbing its slopes, we will arrive at the monastary of Ag. Nikolaos, where you will be able to experience a scenery and view that will take your breath away.

ROUTE 2: Of course there are plenty of routes both within and outside the village, where you can walk and where some can even create and discover Zaros!

Mountain climbing
ROUTE 1: Hotel- Lake- Ag. Nikolaos- Zaros Canyon- Rouvas Forest

DURATION: Uphill & Downhill climbing around 4 hours

ROUTE 2: Hotel- Ag. Nikolaos- Moni Vrontisiou

DURATION: Uphill & Downhill climbing around 2 hours

ROUTE 3: Hotel- Moni Vrontisiou- Samari- Zaros Shelter

DURATION: Uphill & Downhill climbing around 4 hours

ROUTE 4: Hotel- Voriza village- Canyon of Voriza- Nidas Plateau (By car up to Voriza)

DURATION: Uphill & Downhill climbing around 8 hours

ROUTE 5: Hotel- Voriza-Kamares- Kamares Cave

DURATION: Uphill & Downhill climbing around 7 hours (By car up to the village of Kamares)

Many ideal spots for climbing can be found along the entire length of the Psiloritis slope.

The entire surrounding area of the village is ideal for jogging with both easy and more difficult routes. The choice is yours!!

Wonderful dirt paths surround the village of Zaros, which give mountain biking lovers the opportunity to raise their adrenaline to extreme heights..

As far as low-key bikers are concerned, a ride both within and outside the village will more than greatly reward them.

A place worth visiting!
Our beautiful and graphic village, Zaros, is situated 45 kilometres south of Heraklion in a luscious green valley at the foot of Mt. Psiloriti at an altitude of about 450 metres.

The village of Zaros constitutes a large part of the southern mountain range Idis, which, in turn, constitutes one of the most interesting mountain ranges of Crete.

Famous for its rich waters, abundance in green scenery, canyon, Byzantine monastaries and churches, it is visited by many people on a daily basis, people who soon become large fans.

Zaros is an important village which has remained true and hospitable, offering its visitors warmth, relaxation and peace. The perfect destination to come in contact with nature and fellow human beings, enclosed in a relaxing and invigorating environment.

The fact that, since ancient times, Zaros has always been inhabitated is due to its large amount of sources with a free flow of water, from which it also got its name: the Greek words Za meaning abundance and ros meaning flow give us the current name Zaros. It is 45 kilometres away from the city of Heraklion and is connected to it via the provincial road Heraklion- Ag. Varvaras- Zaros- Kamares. (write

How to get there
From Ag. Nikolao - Heraklion
By taking the national road Heraklion-Mires and passing through the villages Sivas and Avgeniki, we arrive at Ag. Varvara, and make a right at the exit for ZARO-KAMARES. From there, we pass through the villages of the Rouvas municipality, Panaso, Gergeri and Nivrito and arrive at Zaros.

From Chania - Rethimno
Along the national road Chania-Rethimno-Heraklion there is an exit for Spili. From there, we take the regional road to Ag. Galini and continue on to Mires. Along the national road Mires-Heraklion, we take a left at the exit for Zaros.



Zaros 70002 Hearaklion






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Mr Stefanakis Dimitrios

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