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Greece Hotel Guide

Dear Guest
The complete guide  of Greece (TPG) to you it will present in  this page a short description the
 possibility of finding Accommodation
in Greece.
Accommodation in Greece Is separated in 2 categories
1/hotels = Greece has roughly 7.500 hotels sixth  what these is separated in categories
the 5 stars hotels in  Greece,4 stars hotels in Greece 3 stars hotels in Greece,
2  stars hotels in Greece,
and some small family hotels 1 or 2 stars
2/Self catering, equipment apartments or Studios also the  category self catering belong
the Villas and private houses
These with the organization of Greek tourism are separated the  categories in keys Greece
allocates a lot of important destinations,
has the been famous islands Known for the beautiful beaches, and the amazing 
 Mediterranean  nightly amusement, important
islands in Greece for interruptions they is Famous
Greek islands Mykonos, Paros, Santorini, Rhodes, ,Kos, Patmos, Crete, Corfu,
Skiathos, Cefalonia, Zakynthos, Hydra, Spetses, Syros, Sifnos and Naxos island

It still allocates however despite a lot of islands that we would say that they are for
quiet and familial interruptions to You we  report
certain :
Limnos,Lesvos,Ikaria,Thassos,Kythira ,Milos,Koufonisia  and more more Greek islands

And however Greece for interruptions has still despite a lot of   destinations, Peloponnesian the Peloponnesian can offer a
lot  of things in the visitor It has inexperienced nice  beaches, Archaeological spaces,
Museums, ways for mountaineering in
the mountains, rivers for extreme spor.

Central Greece they is interesting choice for small and short interruptions, they is in the
limits of Athens, It has ski centres, small chalets in the Arachova and it should not we forget
important Archaeological  monuments,Delphi, Going
up our Beautiful country  Naturally we will want to see and to visit the Pilion, a  beautiful point
with view in the around Mountains and in the  Pagasitikos Gulf. The Thessaly has still despite
a lot of points for the visitor, 

can visit the lake plastira the traditional
mansions in the Pertoylj. Leaving the Thessaly view  te imposing and important region  
O her Greece region Macedonia with
natural  capital Thessalonica It can somebody  from the beauties  of Chalkidiki,
the Charges of Agio Oros
  an make daily visits in 
 the mountains of Macedonia,visit the palace of Vergjnas,important points of region
Macedonia they is Kastoria with the furs of Florina, with the known Pepper, the Naoyssa
with the eminent  wines and other a lot of points, afterwards Macedonia we have a 
beautiful side of  Greece Amazing beaches, Syvota, Parga other causes awe to visit
somebody zaharohoria with imposing  Pansions,
Important city  of continent is Ioanninas I Greece however beyond that all  the world knows for the Archaeological 
monuments from ancient  Greece, museums that are despite many and the beautiful  beaches
allocate still a lot of points that it will be  supposed him you know Monasteries and charges in
Greece, they  is important for the visitor to visit thousands
Monasteries and churches, considerably not only for their architecture but  also in a lot of points
the point that him has created Cf. 
Meteora, Elona and many other monasteries churches that even  today all  the way that him
manufactured Greece  harbours, can somebody him visit withPlane, with Boat from 
  Italy, and with road  from Balkan countries.

Greece offers  interruptions for a lot of explanations Interruptions with helium and sea,
Interruptions with ship, can here  make the 
 month of honeymoon and also is offered for many and in a  lot of points of Greece the
congress tourism  to know  that Greece
allocates important cooker with base her Oil and  many other products that her gave her ground

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