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Greece is a mountainous peninsular country, situated in the South-eastern Mediterranean, which includes many islands. It has one of the longest coastlines in the world with more than 15,000 kilometres. With its breath-taking landscapes, white-washed island villages, unique historical relics, distinct cultural heritage and hospitable people, it is the type of location that attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Greece is in the 15th position on the World Tourism Organisation list of countries with more than 14 million tourist arrivals annually.
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During the recent decades there has been a great development of modern and multiform large or small-scale tourist infrastructures, catering to the demands and accommodation requirements of every visitor. Many hotels have undergone major renovations and new, trendy boutique accommodations have opened and offer a huge range of holiday establishments to suit all tastes and budgets, as you'd expect of a country that attracts millions of foreign tourists each year. These hotels and guesthouses stand out for their architecture, traditional stylish furniture and decoration, exceptional comfort and service.
There are luxury hotels for those that can afford them, cheap and cheerful dorm-style rooms for budget backpackers, small seasonal chalets, numerous well-equipped camp sites and plenty of package holiday hotels in all the most popular resort areas.
In the summer tourist season, it is highly advised to book your hotel well in advance.
Today, all over Greece there are about 700,000 beds, in more than 352,000 rooms, in approximately 8,900 hotel units, in recently renovated and upgraded establishments.

Οn most of the Greek islands and mainland Greece, visitors can also find accommodation here in Travel Page Greece(TPG) INDEX DIRECTORY ALL DESTINATIONS IN GREECE, which are operating under the special seal of the Greek National Tourism Organisation.
In the mainland and on most of the Greek islands, visitors can also find accommodation in private houses (rooms to let). These rooms or apartments have reasonable prices, they are clean and comfortable. Budget travellers arriving without previous reservation, prefer this type of accommodation, as it can usually be arranged locally. 
Moreover, there are more than 350 camping sites, many of them in wonderful settings, operating all over the country, offering about 30,000 camping spaces providing areas to pitch tents and park caravans and 2,500 small bungalows offering a wide range of facilities and services. If you have a taste for adventure you might want to try one of the mountain camp sites that you'll find in various astounding places on the mainland and on islands, such as Crete and Evia. In some areas you can sample a taste of the monastic life and sleep in a cell of one of the countless monasteries that the mountains of the mainland and islands are full of. For reservations and detailed information, you may contact camping sites directly or through travel agencies.
In recent years, many self-catering complexes of bungalows and apartments have emerged in all the popular resort areas and are a good choice for families. Four or more people can be accommodated in most of them for and they offer more freedom for youngsters than a hotel room. Some of them are well equipped with supermarkets, swimming pools and other sports and leisure facilities.
All these establishments are licensed by the Greek National Tourist Organisation (G.N.T.O.), bear the special G.N.T.O. seal and fall in the following categories:
Hotels (ordinary hotels, traditional guesthouses, agro-tourist lodgings, etc.).
Rooms to let
Apartments to let
Self-catering units (tourist residences and villas)
Youth hostels
Hotels, as well as rooms and apartments to let, are subject to a rating system determined by the Greek National Tourist Organisation. In particular, their classification is based on:
Class designation (old rating system): Lux, A, B, C, D, E
Star ratings (new rating system):  5*****, 4****, 3***, 2**,  1*
Hotels were graded from A down to E with the A-class hotels providing top of the range facilities and the E-class hotels offering only the most basic accommodation. In fact, there's a huge number of mid-range C-class hotels, which are reasonably priced and have en-suite facilities.
In short, there is a wide choice of hotels in Greece, accommodation, studios and villas, places for every taste and pocket. Hotels come in a variety of price and standard, with those offering better service and more facilities being in the higher in price. Luxury, elegantly decorated, equipped with advanced services, as well as inexpensive hotels can be found spread throughout the country and make a perfect blend of luxury and quality, with respect for every budget, that promises memorable for a lifetime holidays.
Wherever you decide to stay in Greece, whether you are looking for a family holiday, a romantic break or honeymoon or for business travel, there is a hotel that will suit you. Hotels offer comfort, quality and great value for the money, most rooms have air conditioning, service is generally excellent and they are ideal for leisure and business travellers.
Apartments offer great flexibility and are ideal for family holiday accommodation, for couples or simply singles.
If you intend to embark on an island-hopping tour without making hotel reservations in advance be aware that you may end up in some less than satisfactory accommodation in the high season months of July and August, especially on the most popular islands. Owners of budget accommodation on many of the busier islands usually gather at the quayside to meet visitors arriving by ferry. They hold “rooms to let” signs and will often try to carry your suitcase to a waiting minibus. As sometimes the location and facilities are away from the owner's description and don’t meet your requirements you should first inspect the accommodation.
“Rooms to let” were originally rooms in private houses, usually without a separate bathroom. However, nowadays many “rooms to let” are well-equipped and offer clean and comfortable rented accommodation at a very affordable price.
Are you planning to experience the beauty and the spirit, the evident and hidden treasures of a magnificent and mystical land called Greece and create memories that last a life time?
Well, then just pack up your bags and let yourself live the most enchanting holiday in Greece in a spectacular and romantic journey and feel the Greek hospitality that captures all who visit it.
Welcome to Greece, the cradle of Western civilisation, a land rich in traditions, in cultural heritage of ancient civilization and mythology, mother of Roman culture and other civilisations, a country that originated Democracy and offers its visitors the best tourist experiences in the world. Greek culture is attributed with a great number of contributions to literature, philosophy, astronomy, science and the arts. This is the place where you can still feel the spirits of Greek ancestors wandering through the magnificent traces of the ancient Greek civilization.
Greece is the crossroads of cultures, colours and civilizations, where you feel the grandeur of history and the warmth of hospitable people yearning for life.
Your visits may include the vibrant city of Athens with its Parthenon on the Acropolis, the city that hosted the 2004 Olympic Games, the Peloponnese with antique Olympia, the Oracle of Delphi, the tomb of Alexander the Greats father Philippe in Vergina, the coast of the Aegean Sea. Greece is the country where you can develop the sense of travelling. This is the place of everyone's dream.
Travelling is the best way to experience and learn about a country, to gain first-hand information about its different regions, its culture and generally, its way of life.

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